Lioness finds injured baby fox on the road – what she then does brings the photographer to tears

The animal kingdom is indeed fascinating in many ways.

Take for example the lion – one of the most feared predators wandering on earth.

The “King of the Jungle” is at the top of the food chain and inspires fear in many animals. Lions hunt in packs, requiring much organization and cooperation.

So when a wildlife photographer witnessed a lioness approache an injuured baby fox, he was certain that the little animal’s fate was sealed.

But the situation quickly took a very unexpected turn.

It all started with a leading female lion walked up to an injured little fox that lay unprotected on the road in her herd’s territory.

This particular breed of fox is often hunted by larger predators, so one can oly imagine how afraid the tiny animal was facing the grand lioness.

And things certainly did not improve for the little guy when a large male lion also came forward. He likely saw the little fox as easy prey.

Several curious little lion cubs also approached to see what was going on …
“When we arrived, there were several lions surrounding a baby fox, who apparently had injured her spine – she had difficulty to stand on its hind legs,” nature photographer Graham Dyer told Barcroft TV.

Male lions don’t often participate in lions’ hunt, but this male decided to make an attempt at the fox.

It prepared to attack…

But that’s when the female’s maternal instinct hit with full force.

She stood between them, protecting the fox.

Despite the larger lion’s persistence and threatening demeanor toward her, she refused to leave the fox’s side.

And showed him just how serious she was!

The male lion was anything but pleased, but ultimately, he left the fox alone.

The brave lioness returned to her cubs and the fox wandered off, away from the road – to safety.

This story is really evidence that maternal instinct is strong- even in animals!

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