Women have a special gift for photographing naughty dogs

Have you ever wanted to take a professional photo to showcase the beauty and greatness of your dog? However, did you always change your mind at the end because you refused to cooperate because you were afraid that your dog would be too “naughty”?

Amanda Waller listens to your double challenge and believes that she will help you get exactly the success you are looking for – with a few gimmicks, gimmicks, a lot of patience and a lot of love.

Wooller is a dog photographer from Banstead in Surrey, England, but he is happy to go outside and take pictures. He said that he loves “the forest, the forest, where every season opens new wonders of the senses.” This is probably one of the reasons why he created such a beautiful painting of dogs in the forest.

Waller said he didn’t believe any dog ​​was actually naughty, so the title of the photo of his “naughty dog” could be misleading. He has seen many dog ​​owners say they will not sit with their pets and take pictures. Of course, he replies that even the most ferocious dog can take good pictures with enough patience.

In addition, he believes that his work requires other good qualities, such as “Imagination … CREATION, CREATION, ART, DESIRE FOR SUCCESS.”

He adjusted his sleeves several times to get the perfect shot for a dog that just can’t sit still. For example, the dog Grace pictured above is very fond of his ball, and Waller added it to the picture to make a great throw.

Whistling and a little noise can be used to get the dog’s attention, Waller said. It doesn’t matter how alert your pet is. Boxer Ronnie in the picture below was so funny that he had to be tied up. But Waller still managed to photograph her.

Many dogs love sweets, so Waller recommends using them as a way to keep them in the correct position. Below you can see a beautiful image of Neville the Devil thanking him for his efforts.

Source: amanda voller