Police Officers Check Pulled Over Car And Are Surprised

This was probably how police officers Jeremy Halek and Tony Weeks must have felt when they had an unusual encounter with 19-year-old Chris Felix one day, while they were driving by the outskirts of Minneapolis. Seeing Chris’ car pulled over and suspecting that there might be something wrong, the police officers decided to see if they could help, not knowing that they were about to witness an extraordinary moment!

In life, there are sometimes those moments that make you want to go, “What in the world just happened?” These rare occurrences always seem so unreal that we begin to ask ourselves if the things we are experiencing are actually happening.


Chris, a teen who works at the Subaru dealership in town, pulled his car over the side of the road to tend to a squirrel. Yes, you read it right. A Squirrel who badly needed medical attention. The teen was trying to revive a squirrel that was accidentally hit by his car when officers Halek and Weeks passed by his location.


The two men were worried that Chris was in an accident and went to check on him when they saw that he was actually sitting on the sidewalk doing his best to revive the little creature thru CPR. According to the teenage boy, the squirrel looked like it was not breathing and so he did what he thought was necessary given the situation at hand.

Source : sharetap