Teen Has Seizures And Dies After Doctors Discover Tapeworm Eggs In Brain From Deathly Pork Mistake

The emergency room receives all sorts of medical cases; some cases are normal and some, very unusual. On this particular day, a young man from India, eighteen years of age, checked into the emergency room. His parents explained to the medics that he had been suffering from sharp and abnormal pain from his groin area for about a week.

He arrived at the emergency room half conscious and had suffered swelling to the eye. The young man also reported having suffered seizures before being admitted to the hospital. His case was rare with strange symptoms being documented.

This young man’s case caught the attention of the New England Journal Of Medicine that led to more studies. Back at the hospital, doctors examined him for all possible infections.

The sudden and sharp pains from the groin and the swelling on his right eye reported by the young man seem to have emanated from lesions and cysts growing in the affected areas.

In the process of attempting to find adequate treatment for the unexplained condition, the eighteen-year-old passed away just two weeks after admission. The team went further ahead to study what was the cause of the abnormal symptoms. It was revealed that the young man suffered from neurocysticercosis.

It is a condition that harbors parasites in the central nervous system located in the brain. After further tests, the doctors confirmed that the parasites were tapeworm larval cysts that had spread to the brain and other body organs.

This explains the seizures, swollen eyes and pain in the groin. The young man could have ingested the tapeworms into his body through consuming undercooked meat.

One of the researchers says that the case of the young man is rare in countries that have strict laws against selling worm-contaminated meat. She recommended that all meat be cooked from medium rare at about 140 degrees.

It ensures that all tapeworm eggs are killed under the heat. Avoid all meats that are served raw or extra rare, especially pork and beef of uncertain origin.

All meat lovers are advised to take time to cook all meat properly.

Let us spread this young man’s story with the intention of creating awareness. Neurocysticercosis is preventable with the right information – pass this along to your friends and family to let them know the dangers of this terrible disease.

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