Mama cat comes across orphaned baby rabbit. Luckily, her maternal instincts kick in

Among the most accepting animals in the world is the domestic cat. Cats make good surrogate mothers for orphaned kittens and sometimes even puppies. But when this cat, affectionately named Snaggle Puss, comes across a baby rabbit, what will she do?

Cats often hunt small prey, killing mice and squirrels when they can catch them. So the question is, is Snaggle Puss a lover or a fighter? Which instinct is stronger, the urge to mother baby animals or the instinct to bring food back for her kittens?

Snaggle Puss sniffs the bunny, and it’s for sure that she knows this is NOT a kitten. She picks up the baby rabbit by its scruff—just as she would a kitten—and carries it to her own little bed, where her litter of babies waits for her. What will she do with Bubbles, the bunny?

Carefully putting Bubbles down with the kittens, she nuzzles her into the pile of fur. Bubbles doesn’t seem to mind being shoved nose first into the jumble of infant cats.

In no time, Snaggle Puss seems to have convinced Bubbles that she is, indeed, part of the family, and the little rabbit joins the kittens for a robust meal.

Although no one really knows why animal mothers will adopt a baby of another species, scientists speculate that the nursing mom is flooded with oxytocin, the bonding hormone. Maybe that’s why Snaggle Puss decided to add Bubbles to her family.

Or maybe she just saw a baby that needed a mom. After all, a baby’s a baby, right? Imagine how much better our world would be if we all acted like Snaggle Puss and simply helped where help was needed!

This is a feel-good video. Watch it with a friend, and I challenge you not to say “awww…” at that final picture!