Internet In Awe Of Baby Girl’s Response To Prayer Time

Proverbs provides many instructions for parents to raise their children rooted in faith with a Christian heart and love for the Lord. In fact, Proverbs 22:6 directs us to “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” That’s the hope for John Incorvaia and his wife Liz. When their sweet little girl Eloise was just a wee one, they taught her something very important.

They taught her how to pray to God. In the video below, 20-month-old Eloise is sitting at the dinner table with her parents, nestled into her highchair. When Dad says it is time to pray, her response is simply beautiful. The baby girl knows exactly what to do! She reaches out her preciously pudgy little hands and clasps her mom and dad’s hands. Then she closes her eyes shut tightly and listens very intently as her daddy delivers their dinnertime prayer. When she squeezes her little eyes shut – it melts everyone’s hearts.

You wonder what thoughts are traveling through her mind at that moment, but she appears to be incredibly focused on her father’s words. No doubt her parents have been praying at mealtime and at other points in their day, so little Eloise likely has witnessed this faith affirmation and knew just what to do. The best part is not only does she willingly hold hands, joining forces with her family in a stronghold of prayer, but she concludes the prayer in the best way possible. It’s clearly evident that this sweetheart has two faith-driven parents and will only deepen her devotion to God as she grows older. See her wonderful response to Dad saying grace at mealtime. Be still my heart!